Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Embassadors of Mother Nature

While releasing our 1st monarch butterfly today, one of our chrysalis detached and fell down into our potted plant. Immediately, students said, "Oh, no! It's going to die!" Once I was able to calm students down, we entered the school and walked back to our classroom. I explained to students that we needed to do some problem solving to figure out how we could help our fallen chrysalis. One student told me to go to "" and I would find all of the information I would need for us to help. Another students said, "go to and you will find a video to help us, Mrs. Pallett. There is a video for everything!". Finally, after exploring both of those options and gathering some information, I asked for someone to tell me another way that we could try and find information to help us, help the chrysalis. One student said, "we could ask a butterfly expert and they could tell us all of the ways we could help the chrysalis!". I immediately replied, "YES we can! I happen to know a butterfly expert!". I continued to share with students that my friend has been raising monarch butterflies for many years and I suggested we call her. Students were soooooo excited and they couldn't wait. So we moved to the back of our classroom where my cell phone was charging and I called my friend and put the call on speaker phone. Unfortunately, my friend was not available but instead, one of my students left a detailed message for her.

I am happy to report that after all of our research, we were able to find thread from Mrs. Blair, our secretary and we tied it around the stem of the fallen chrysalis. Then we tied the chrysalis to one of the sticks that were growing in our potted plant! When I left school, our chrysalis was hanging upside down the way it should be and hopefully, it will soon emerge into a beautiful butterfly! We truly are ambassadors of mother nature! I am so proud of my students and their commitment to raising monarch butterflies :)

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