Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Our FIRST Monarch Butterfly - YAY!

The excitement in our classroom was like no other! Our Acting Principle was trying to find out who the teacher was in 2/3 because my students were asking for me to come back to class to see what had happened! I flew out of the staff room full of excitement to join my class and look at our first butterfly! Although we didn't see the butterfly emerge, we could tell by it's wet wings that it had not been out of its chrysalis for very long!

By 3 pm, we knew it was time to release our monarch butterfly. Out on the playground, we lifted up our terrarium net and encouraged our butterfly to take off. We think it was very cozy up there with the other chrysalis' but after a gust of wind, the monarch butterfly flew high up in the sky. I was excited to hear students say, "there it goes, off to Mexico! I have happy tears because we helped raise the butterfly". As a teacher, my heart is full and I have to say, I had goosebumps sharing this wonderful experience with my students and lucky for us, we have 8 more butterflies waiting to emerge! 

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