Sunday, 30 October 2016

Spring Meadows Apple Orchard

We went on our first class trip to Spring Meadows Apple Orchard. The weather was cool but we bundled up and enjoyed the sunshine when it came out!

Our tour began with a visit in the cold storage room where we looked at all of the different types of apples sorted into crates ready to be shipped out to grocery stores. Then we watched how the apples were sorted and de-stemmed. Check it out!

Before we picked apples, Jesse reminded us of "eye to the sky" and to only pick apples that we would eat. Each student was given a clear, plastic bag to fill and take home to share with their families. The Macintosh apples were cold, crisp and really juicy! Yummy!

Next stop, was a walk to the pumpkin patch! Students were able to pick any pumpkin of their choice as long as they could carry it. Everyone was so excited to have their own pumpkin to take home for Halloween!

Finally, it was time for lunch. We worked up an appetite. Some of us were really cold so we did a few jumping jacks to keep us warm!

After lunch, it was time to turn them loose to have fun in the corn maze! Our students had so much fun!

Finally, Jesse took us for a walk around more apple tree, farm animals and a stunning view of our Autumn trees. This was such a memorable part of our tour at the apple orchard.


I am so proud of our students! They were respectful, cooperative and good listeners. Our Prince of Wales Wild Cats represented us well at the apple orchard! 

A special thank you goes out to our parent volunteers. Without them, our trip would not have been possible! 

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