Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Decomposing Numbers with Money!

Girls and Boys in 2/3P were exploring money and decomposing their value! The task was: Choose any 5 coins and find the value of those coins. Then, represent the total value using 22 coins.

This "THINKING" question had a lot of layers and our brains were growing new synapses after all of the mistakes, yes mistakes that we made! This is where the learning is exciting because in our class, mistakes are encouraged!

It took us a long time, to think about what the question was asking us, to collaborate with an elbow partner and then begin using a variety of strategies to brainstorm our thinking using whiteboards. Here is what a few of our students came up with. I am soooo proud of my students!

Although not all of us in our class, finished the task, our thinking grew and we were ready to work through a similar problem a couple of days later. This is what we accomplished together:

We are on our way to deeper understanding!

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