Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Glanmore House

And we are off.......on another learning experience beyond the walls of our classroom at POW! 2/3P were feeling confident and comfortable riding the city bus for the second time this year!

We rode bus #8 to the terminal and then took a transfer on the #1 to arrive in plenty of time for our Holiday/Traditions program at the Glanmore House on December 13th.

I didn't get many pictures because we were too busy listening and learning about the British traditions in Victorian times. Mr.Mrs. Philips who lived in the Glanmore House always LOVED to decorate for Christmas and host fancy parties.

We learned that EVERY tree was decorated with POMANDERS and the British Flag!

Once again, a HUGE thank you goes out to all of our PARENT volunteers! Our class trips are possible and even more fun when you come along with us!

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