Wednesday, 30 November 2016

CP Holiday Train

On Monday, November 28th, the CP Holiday Train passed through Belleville at 9:00 am. Students in our class were so excited that they met me at POW for 8:20 am so that we could get on the 8:30 am #8 bus via public transit. From here, we went to the bus station and took transfer bus #1 to Dundas and Herchimer. 

Students not only had a fun ride to and from the Holiday Train but they learned how to take public transportation, read bus schedules and confidently travel in the city of Belleville. Life skills were learned and put into action today!

Makayla and Thomas on the city bus.

 Abbey and her dad on the bus. 

Reegan and Me!

We arrived just in time as the box car door opened and became a platform for the musical performance. Parents, students, educators, parents, families and community members cheered and sang their hearts out!

Thomas and his mom!

Hailey and her Dad.

Us...having a great time!

Look who we found! A cheery elf who was handing out candy and singing along with us. 

 Hayden dancing with her mom.

Community volunteers served free hot chocolate and gave out hand made mittens to those in need. 

        Look who came off of the train and visited with our students!

Just before we left the Holiday Train, the Mayor of Belleville handed out frisbees to our class! 

I am grateful for all of our parent volunteers who continue to support our learning both in and out of school. Without them, field trips would not be possible or as much fun! 

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  1. What an amazing class! You will remember this experience for a long time!