Monday, 7 November 2016

Patterning with Toothpicks

Representing and Extending Patterns

As a school, we are collecting data related to "high ceiling, low floor" questions that have multiple entry points for all students to be successful. These types of questions also offer multiple ways for children to show what they know because there is always more than one solve a question!

Students were placed in partners and together, they were asked to find out how many toothpicks would be needed to complete figure 10. 

All of our students in 2/3P could extend the pattern but we had to go back and RE-READ the question to help us to understand that the question was only asking us to figure out how many toothpicks would be needed to create figure 10. This type of investigation helped most students realize that 33 toothpicks were needed. HOORAY!!!

The strategies used by students were: mental math, drawing out the figures hand, and other students needed to build all 10 figures before they could see the extended pattern. Way to go, 2/3P!

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