Monday, 7 November 2016

Student Generated Problem Solving Questions

Today's math class was a follow up to our problem solving on Friday. I used the following question that was created by students to continue our investigation of problem solving and representing numbers.

Ambe and Aerin's question that was solved in class today was:
"If a centipede has 100 legs, how many legs will 10 centipedes have?"

 Collin - "I drew a number line to help me count by 100's"

 Makayla - "I drew pictures and made a number sentence to count up to 1000."

 Hayden and Thomas - "We drew centipedes and counted up by 100's to get the right answer."

Here are some up close pictures of student documentation:


We are on our way! Documenting our learning helps us take ownership and pride in our work!

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